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Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) is the Federal Judiciary's electronic case filing system that allows trained and certified users to file or retrieve new bankruptcy cases and other pleadings from their computer.  The system uses standard computer hardware, an Internet connection and browser, software to format a document for electronic filing.

Attorneys and creditors can realize the following benefits by participating in the CM/ECF system:

  • 24-hour availability to file cases and pleadings
  • 24-hour access to view and print electronic files, docket sheets, and other reports
  • Immediate confirmation to filers of documents
  • Optional e-mail notification of filings in cases of interest
  • Print documents from your printer - no more copy requests or delays
  • Reduce paper, copy, mail, and courier costs

For additional information on Electronic Case Filing please see this Court's Electronic Filing Rules which authorizes electronic filing in this district and sets out Administrative Procedures for filing electronically.  Also review this Court's Electronic Filing Rules which addresses retention of original pleadings by the filer.


CM/ECF Database