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Internet Credit Card Payments

What Is It?

The latest enhancement to the electronic filing system (CM/ECF) is the ability for filers to pay and track filing fees via the Internet.

After successfully submitting a docket entry which requires a filing fee, the user will be prompted to either pay the fee or continue filing.  If the user chooses to continue filing, the prompt will disappear, and they can continue using the electronic filing system.  If the user chooses to pay the filing fee, they will be prompted for their credit card information.  After submitting their credit card information, the filing fee will be paid via the Internet directly to the U.S. Treasury, a transaction receipt will be displayed, and the receipt number will be docketed in the case immediately. 

If the user fails to pay their outstanding fees after a 24-hour period, the user will be "locked out."  If this occurs, the only menu option available to the user will be "Internet Payments Due."  Once the fees are paid, the user's account will be automatically unlocked.  If you have questions about this process or experience problems paying your outstanding fees, please contact the Court at (618)482-9075.

Reports are available to allow filers to view outstanding fees and to track payments made via the Internet.

NOTE: For those users who previously registered a credit card with the court, you are NOT obligated to use that card when paying filing fees online.



  • Internet credit card payment of installment filing fees is not currently compatible with the case upload feature.  If you need to file a new case, and the filing fee is to be paid in installments, you must open the case by logging in to the electronic filing system and using the "Open a BK Case" option under the "Bankruptcy" menu.