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Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN)

Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing, or EBN, refers to a free service that allows court notices to be  transmitted electronically delivering them faster and more conveniently.

You may recieve notices via:

  • E-Mail Link

For recipients who want the ease of retrieving notices through a link by email

  • Email Attachments

For recipients who want the ease of receiving notices as email PDF attachments

  • Fax

For recipients who do not want to setup e-mail accounts but want to eliminate slower noticing by U.S. Mail

  • EDI

For high-volume recipients (200+ notices a week)

To view the steps required to become an Internet e-mail, fax or EDI notice recipient or to sign up, visit the EBN web site at* or call their toll free support number at (877)837-3424.