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Voice Case Information System (VCIS)


One of the major tasks that a federal bankruptcy court must perform is to provide public information about the cases it handles.  This can be done over the telephone, by answering mail requests, or assisting people who show up at the court in person.

The Voice Case Information System allows anyone with a touch tone telephone to call the court, enter a party name, a case number, a social security number or a tax ID, and have the computer read the case data directly from the court database.  This is done automatically using a voice synthesizer so that the court staff is not tied up answering public inquiries.

To get information about any case currently in our database, including archived and closed cases, an individual need only have a party name, a case number, a social security number or a tax ID, and a touch tone telephone.  The extraction of all case data is performed in real time.



  1. Dial the toll free number 1-866-222-8029.  Click here* to view VCIS phone numbers for other Bankruptcy Courts.
  2. Enter one of the following: NAME of the debtor, CASE NUMBER, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, TAX ID.  Press the keys on your telephone that correspond to the letter in the name.  Use the "1" (one) key for the letters "Q" and "Z," and skip any characters that are not letters, such as spaces, apostrophes, and dashes.
    • If the name is an individual, enter the last name followed by the first name.
    • If the name represents a Corporation, you should leave off such suffixes as "Inc." or "Corp."
  3. Press the # key when you are finished entering the name, case number, social security number or tax ID.
  4. The system will read the following information about the case.  If more than one name matches, information on each name will be read.
Bankruptcy Case Adversary Proceeding
Case Number Case Number
Name of Debtor(s) Case Type
Social Security Number / Tax ID Case Title
Open / Reopen Date Filing Date
Voluntary / Involuntary Attorney Name / Phone Number for Plaintiff
Case Chapter Judge Name
Business / Consumer Filing Case Status
Attorney Name / Phone Number Close Date
Conversion Date and Chapter Reopen Date
Trustee Name Previous Closing Date
Judge Name Disposition Method
Case Status  
341 Meeting Date and Time (if set)  
Claims Bar Date (if set)  
Discharge Date (if applicable)  
Closing Date  
Reopen Date  
Disposition Method  
Asset Status